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Step-by-Step Instructions - How to Access Your Purchase and Other Content in Your Library

This procedure will show you the step-by-step instructions for accessing a summit purchase in your HealthMeans account. 

1. First, go to --

When you purchase the Education Package it includes online content. It is stored on and is automatically added to the My Library section of your account.  

If you did not have a HealthMeans account before you placed your order, one is automatically created for you. The email address you used to purchase the summit is your username. 

If your order included the Action Package, you will receive access information separately if the Action Package is stored on the host’s website.

Note: Skip to Step #3 if you already have a HealthMeans account before purchasing the summit AND you used the same email address when you purchased. 

2. Since this is your first time to access the content in your HealthMeans account, you need to create a password. The email address you used to purchase the summit will serve as your username.

3. If you already have your HealthMeans account set up, click the “Sign-In” link.

Note: Make sure that the email address you used to purchase the summit is the same as the email associated with your HealthMeans account. If it is not, manually overwrite what is in the username field and type the correct email address associated with your purchase. 

4. Then, type in your Email Address and your Password and click the “Sign In” button.

5. Once logged in, confirm that you have been automatically directed to the “My Library” section.

6. Now, find the “My Groups” area of the page. If you have many items in your library, you will need to scroll down the page. 

7. Find the summit logo you want to access. Click the graphic to open the overview page.

8. From the summit overview page, you will see all the presentations for the summit displayed as thumbnails. Just click on the speaker/talk you want to listen to.

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