How to Access Your Content

There are three types of content associated with any summit purchase: 

(1)The Education Package -- This includes all the presentations from an event. This content is always found in your HealthMeans library. (More on that below)

(2)The Advanced Training & Education Bonus Content  -- This is included with every Education Package. This content is accessed in different ways, depending on the event itself. Typically, it is located in your HealthMeans library, but sometimes you’ll need to claim it from the purchase bonuses page. And, for some events, there is no Advanced Training or Bonus Content. 

(3)The Action Package -- If your order includes this program or course, your online receipt will provide the specifics you need on how to access this part of your order. Access varies, depending on the event. 

For this article, we look at how to access the Education Package which is always found in your HealthMeans library. 

Step-by-Step Instructions - How to Access the Education Package and Other Content in Your Library

1. First, go to --

When you purchase the Education Package, it includes online access to all the presentations from the summit broadcast. It is hosted on and is automatically added to the "My Library" section, in the "My Event Purchases" area of that section.

If you did not have a HealthMeans account before you placed your order, one is automatically created for you. The email address you used to purchase the summit is your username. If you already have an existing account skip to step 7.

2. Now that you have your HealthMeans account set up, click the “Sign-In” link. 

Note: Make sure that the email address you used to purchase the summit is the same as the email associated with your HealthMeans account. If it is not, manually overwrite what is in the username field and type the correct email address associated with your purchase. 

3.  If this is your first time you will be asked to verify your account by entering your information and creating a password. Once you enter the required information just click on the check box to accept the terms and conditions and hit "Continue."

4. Now you need to select the top 3 topics you are interested in. If you cannot decide, just click on "Continue" or the "Maybe Later" button.
5. The next page will ask if you want to be a Basic Member or Premium Member. 
6. Once you select your preferred membership level, click "Continue." Next, click the "Go to your dashboard" button which will redirect you to "My Dashboard."

7. From here, type in your Email Address and the Password you created. Then, click the “Sign In” button.

8. Now, click on the graphic in the top right corner of the page - where you see the computer monitor icon and "My Event Purchases."     

9. That opens a page where you'll find graphics representing all your purchased content and any free content you've requested.

10. Click the graphic for the event you wish to explore. That will open the event's overview page where all the presentations are displayed as thumbnails.

11. Click on the speaker/talk you want to listen to. That opens the presentation's page. If you purchased full online access, you'll find all the items you have permission to download and/or print under the video in the DOWNLOADS tab. 

12. When you're ready to select another talk from the same event, click the "Back" arrow to return to the overview page where all the presentations are displayed as thumbnails. 

P.S. -- If your order included the Action Package, be sure to refer to your online receipt. It contains specifics on how to access this component of your order. Access varies, depending on the event. 

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