Access Your Purchase Bonuses

Step-by-step Instructions - How To Access Your Purchase Bonuses

Right after your order is complete, we send a purchase confirmation email to the email address you used when you ordered. 

The subject line to look for is “ Your HealthMeans Marketplace order has been received!” If you don’t see it in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder or “Promotions” folder (if you use Gmail).

In the purchase confirmation email, you’ll see a “Click Here” link that leads you to an online receipt where it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. 

Purchase bonuses are available for 30 days after an event’s Encore Weekend has concluded. There’s a countdown timer at the top of the bonuses page to remind you to claim any you’d like to keep before the page disappears.

Once the bonuses expire, we no longer have permission to provide access to them. That’s why you will want to access any you are interested in at your earliest convenience.

When you claim a bonus, you typically have ongoing access to it. Some bonuses are pdf files and you can save them to your device, for your personal use. Others are hosted on the providers’ websites.

Experiencing a Problem?

If you see this message after clicking the link in the purchase confirmation email: 

“No purchase is attached to this email.” 


We use “cookies” to determine if you placed an order. So when you see that message, it’s likely related to cookies being disabled in your web browser's settings on your device. The “cookie” didn’t get set properly, or you’re using a different device than the one you used when you place your order.


1) Click the link in your purchase confirmation email from the same device you used when you ordered. That should resolve the issue. 


2) You can go directly to the Purchase Bonuses page by using the event domain and adding this at the end:   /purchase-bonuses

Example: Lighting the Path Summit's domain is

To access the purchase bonuses page, the direct link would be:

If you are asked for an email address, just use the same one you used when you purchased the summit and you’ll be good to go. 

If you still encounter problems accessing this page, please contact us in the support center. Once we confirm the purchase, we’ll send you a direct link to the purchase bonuses page.

How to Download Your Bonuses 

For PDF files, click the “Download Now” button. Then choose one of the two download options.

For bonuses that are hosted on the provider’s site, click the “Learn More” button and follow the instructions given for each of the bonuses. 

And that's how to claim any purchase bonus you'd like to keep before they expire from the website. 

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