Using HealthMeans Credits

We've added expanded applications for using your HealthMeans credits. It's easy! 

You can use credits toward the purchase of all the digital components of the main products offered. The amount of HealthMeans credits that can be applied will vary, depending on the event, with the maximum being 69 credits. 

The total number of credits available will be displayed when you use the HealthMeans Credits "calculator" on the final checkout page (see Step 1, below). 

Note: HealthMeans credits are not applicable for physical products (add-on offers) or any online products offered during our webinars. They can be applied to the online components of our summits and masterclass Education and Action Packages.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Place the items you'd like to order in your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout page. Notice the "Apply HealthMeans Credits" calculator on the payment side of the form. 

2. Insert the email address of the HealthMeans account where you have credits. This email address must match the email address on the other side of the form under the "Apply HealthMeans Credits" section. You can manually overwrite whatever email address is there so the two sides match. 

3. Click "Search and Apply" to see how many credits you can apply to your order. You'll see the total discount available under the "Your Order" summary (circled below). 

If you decide you don't want to use your credits for this order, just click the text link (see arrow, below): 

If you don't see what you expected to see and/or want to search a different HealthMeans account, click the "I don't want to use my HealthMeans credits for this order" link. That will reset the email address field and you can search for a different email address. Just be sure to make the change in the other column so the two addresses match. 

4. Once you're ready and all the form fields are completed, click the "Place Order" button to complete your transaction. 


If you're not seeing the credit total you expected and want to search for a different email address but don't have the option to change your email address on the Billing Information side of the form, you'll need to place your order using a Private or Incognito window of your browser. 

We use a "cookie" system to recognize if you have already registered for the summit. It comes in handy as a time-saver for you, but in this case, you need a clean slate. Using the private mode will allow you to start from scratch and input whatever email address you'd like.

NOTE: If you're not sure how to open a Private or Incognito window, here's a great article to walk you through it - How to use Private Mode

Combining Multiple HealthMeans Accounts
Here is why multiple accounts were created for you:

An account is automatically created when our database detects that the email address on the order doesn’t match an existing account in our system. So if you enter a different email address when you place an order that you have not used before while ordering from us, a new account will be created for you.  

Here are the benefits of having a single HealthMeans account:

We encourage you to use the same email address whenever you register for an event and when you make purchases on our websites. First, it's easier to remember only one login and password.

However, the biggest benefit is that your HealthMeans credits will accumulate in the same account, giving you more buying power and a simplified checkout process. 

How to combine your accounts into one account:

We are happy to merge accounts for you. Just open a support ticket by sending an email to

Let us know all of the email addresses you’ve used on your orders and the one address you want as your only login. 

We'll move the content from your library, transfer any HealthMeans credits into your preferred account and delete the old account. 

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